Trout in the Classroom
Tulare and Kings Counties

Sponsored by Kaweah Fly Fishers

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About the program


Other web sites of interest for teachers and students


Videos: Setting up tank, installing eggs


Videos: Fly Tying


Printable aquatic insect pictures and keys


Trout release field trips

Trout in the Classroom is a nationwide program sponsored variously by Trout Unlimited (a private conservation organization) and state Fish and Game Departments. Its purpose is to teach children about the ecology and environment necessary to raise trout and salmon in our lakes, rivers, and streams.

Trout in the Classroom (TIC) is an environmental education program in which students in grades k-12 . . .

Raise trout from eggs to fry.
Monitor tank water quality.
Engage in stream habitat study.
Learn to appreciate water resources.
Begin to foster a conservation ethic.
Grow to understand ecosystems.

The following web sites have more information and lesson plans:




bullet - forms, posters, and resources.

In Tulare and Kings Counties, the program is administered by the California Department of Fish and Game  Education office in Fresno, funded by part of license fees, and the volunteers of Kaweah Flyfishers.


  1. Deliver fertilized Rainbow Trout eggs - in September for the fall cycle and in January for the spring cycle.

    1. Click here for Egg Delivery Guidelines for Volunteers.

  2. Provide chillers and tanks for participants who do not own their own. Click here for a list of the supplies needed.

  3. Deliver curriculum kits to the classes.

  4. Provide class visits when possible - a one-hour session on aquatic insects and with fly tying demonstrations.

  5. Provide education at the field trip/trout release site.  Click here for a description of the field trip/trout release schedules.

  6. Record their hours on this form and send it in. Volunteer hours help fund this program.

Tulare/Kings County Instructional videos for Trout in the Classroom

If you have trouble playing any of these videos, I recommend downloading VLC video player (free - click here.)

bullet Setting up a tank with chiller tube inside the tank like the Glacier or Tradewind also
bullet Setting up a tank (second video) also
bullet Setting up a tank with an external chiller (Aqua-Euro, Coralife or similar) also (Large pump pulls water into chiller and returns it cold through plastic tubing.)
bullet Installing Eggs 1 - Demonstration also
bullet Installing Eggs 2 - With 6th graders also
bullet Using a Gravel cleaner also
bullet Removing dead eggs also

The Way of a Trout video - this is a great introduction to the life cycle of trout and to fly fishing.

Curriculum Kits Kaweah Flyfishers has several curriculum kits for teachers. These bags contain videos and books, posters and a small kit that shows materials used to tie trout flies.

If we are out of kits, the posters are the ones you got at the DFW workshop. If you need new ones, email me.
The books and videos can be borrowed from Educational Resource Services (Tulare County school contract library) or from the Visalia Learning Center (for Visalia teachers and Visalia residents.)




Fly Tying videos with Don Lieb

bullet Introduction to the tools  26 sec.
bullet Tying a Caddis Larva  3 min. 35 sec.
bullet Tying a Cadis Adult  5 min. 12 sec.
bullet Tying a Mayfly Larva 5 min. 49 sec.
bullet Tying a Mayfly Adult  7 min. 20 sec.
bullet Tying a Carpenter Ant  3 min. 30 sec.

Aquatic insects and insect keys

bullet Pictures of insects (simplified - only includes Caddis, Stonefly, and Mayfly)
bullet Insect key simplified (only includes Caddis, Stonefly, and Mayfly)
bullet Insect key (includes Damsel flies, Dragon flies, and the above.)

Trout release field trips NOTE: We do not have enough Kaweah Flyfisher or River Ridge volunteers to fully staff these field trips. Teachers must provide volunteers for some of the stations.

bullet Schedules for Kaweah Flyfisher volunteer field trips (usually on the Kings and Kaweah rivers)

Note: Field trip schedules are modified as volunteers become available. The schedules below are if all volunteers needed are available. Teachers are expected to fill in and do some of the lessons.

  • Sample schedules
  • Lessons:
  • Directions to Choinumni Park on the Kings River:
    • Choinumni Park is a beautiful place to release your fish. It is out in the country, yet has picnic tables and room for kids to explore.

    Directions to Choinumni Park from Visalia. 1 hr. 20 min.

    Take Plaza Dr / Road 80 /Alta Ave ~ 21 miles through Dinuba

    Turn left onto E Adams Ave  for 3.0 mi

    Turn right onto S Frankwood Ave and go 8.8 mi

    Turn right onto N Piedra Rd drive 8.2 miles to where Piedra Road intersects with Trimmer Springs Road.

    Turn right on Trimmer Springs Road and drive one mile to Pine Flat Road. 

    Turn right on Pine Flat Road and go about 100 yards to the entrance of Choinumni Park on the right.

  • Click here for Pictures from field trips at Choinumni Park


bullet River Ridge Ranch field trips

** Please note: there is a limit of 60 students at a time at River Ridge.

Sample Schedules
Click here for lesson plans for field trips at River Ridge Ranch, taught by Kaweah Flyfishers, River Ridge and Wildplaces volunteers and employees.

  • Directions to River Ridge:
    • Go east on Highway 190 through Springville
      Turn Left at the white barn onto Balch Park Road
      Go 1.6 miles. Driveway is on right just after the school bus parking sign.

    • Total distance about 50 miles from Visalia, 20 from Porterville.

    • Click here for Pictures from field trips at River Ridge

Questions? Comments? email George Pilling or call 559-901-6676

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